Competitive prices

A green hydrogen economy for a clean, safe and prosperous Northern Netherlands

The realization of a green hydrogen economy could signi´Čücantly contribute to economic growth and more employment in the Northern Netherlands.


The conditions in the Northern Netherlands are uniquely suited to produce green hydrogen and other green energy products at globally competitive prices. The green energy industry can be the cornerstone for economic growth and employment in the Northern Netherlands. It will create opportunities for growth of other companies in the Northern Netherlands by producing green chemicals, materials, equipment and products for competitive prices. Moreover, local areas will develop into clean and prosperous communities which are generating their own green electricity, using hydrogen for clean transportation and balancing the electricity system. Above all, because the green hydrogen is produced on land, at sea or imported, it offers the inhabitants of the Northern Netherlands a sustainable alternative which builds on the regional strengths of an existing infrastructure and expertise.


Alstom, electric fuel cell hydrogen train Alstom, electric fuel cell hydrogen train