Economic growth

The green hydrogen economy is expected to compensate for economic and employment losses

The realization of a green hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands will contribute to economic growth and employment.


The phase up to 2030 will contribute to economic growth and employment in all the provinces, cities and communities in the Northern Netherlands. Investments and economic activities will be both on large and small scales in local communities. Large-scale green hydrogen, oxygen, syngas, carbon dioxide, char, pure water and heat production, together with harbor transportation and storage facilities, will be located at Eemshaven, and green chemical production will be located in Delfzijl. Small-scale solar-hydrogen production will take place in various cities, villages and on the Wadden islands. Hydrogen distribution centers and fueling stations will be located strategically to supply hydrogen to fuel cells for busses, trucks, trains, boats and cars across the region. Hydrogen pipelines (retrofitted gas pipelines) will connect and supply Delfzijl, Rotterdam, Limburg and Germany with green hydrogen produced and/or transported via the Northern Netherlands. Hydrogen innovation centers will be developed in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Emmen, resulting in new and innovative business for green hydrogen technologies, systems and applications. Education and training in green hydrogen technologies, applications and economics will be developed and implemented, resulting in a well-educated work force and society.

In the Northern Netherlands, the existing chemical industry can produce green ammonia and green methanol by using large quantities of green hydrogen.

Based on these achievements being realized through 2030, from that point forward, strong further growth of the hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands is certainly realistic. It is the expectation that in the end, the realization of a green hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands as one of the first in Europe could compensate for the economic contraction and employment losses caused by the reduction in gas production.


Chemical site Delfzijl: green chemicals production Chemical site Delfzijl: green chemicals production


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