Green energy products

A green hydrogen economy generates green hydrogen and many additional green products

Development of a green hydrogen economy will not only generate green hydrogen: Many other green energy products, such as green electricity, green syngas, green carbon dioxide, green char (85% carbon), bio pellets, pure water and oxygen will be produced


In 2030, about 24 billion kWh of green electricity per year will be generated in the Northern Netherlands according to this plan. Via the NorNed and Cobra cables, an additional 5 to 10 billion kWh of green electricity per year could be imported. Only about 8 to 9 billion kWh will be used to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis. Green hydrogen, green oxygen, green carbon monoxide and green carbon dioxide are produced by electrolysis and biomass gasifi cation. With these elements, almost all chemicals could be produced, including green chemicals such as ammonia and methanol. Byproducts such as char could be used in the agricultural sector and in the chemical industry. Imported carbon-free ammonia will be cracked into hydrogen to supply the flexible Magnum power plant. New, clean modes of transportation could be developed based on fuel cell hydrogen technology for the maritime, automotive, and rail transport sectors, as well as in new applications such as robots and drones. Green electricity and green hydrogen are the basic elements for creating clean energy and mobility systems in smart areas in cities, villages and on the Wadden islands. In this respect, innovation is crucial, and the development of a large-scale green hydrogen economy offers a strong infl ux and plethora of opportunities for innovative SME’s and startups. In the future, far off shore wind farms could produce electricity which will be transported via cables to an off shore platform where an electrolysis plant will convert it into hydrogen. That hydrogen will in turn be transported via an existing off shore gas pipeline to land. The fl ow chart on the next page shows the basic interactions and system integration.


Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands