Green hydrogen economy

A green hydrogen economy encompasses production, markets, infrastructure and societal aspects

A green hydrogen economy can only be realized when green hydrogen production, markets, infrastructure and societal aspects are developed interdependently.


During an initial phase, the following projects, activities and systems – described in the scheme on the next page – must be achieved in the Northern Netherlands by as early as 2025 or by 2030 at the latest. Although all of these projects are important, the projects that can most meaningfully accelerate the green hydrogen economy are large-scale green hydrogen production by electrolysis and biomass gasification in combination with retrofitted gas pipelines to transport the hydrogen to be used as a feedstock in the (petro)chemical industry in Delfzijl and in Rotterdam, Limburg and/or Germany. Using the existing gas infrastructure to transport hydrogen has the advantage that it can be provided to existing hydrogen feedstock markets at low costs. The transportation of hydrogen via retrofitted gas pipelines therefore offers a unique opportunity for a second life for the gas infrastructure.