Master Plan

Next step: Master Plan development led by a Green Hydrogen Ambassador

To realize the shift to the green hydrogen economy, a range of initiatives needs to be agreed upon and executed in parallel.


Accenture therefore proposes to develop a Master Plan within a strong governance structure and in alignment with multiple stakeholders. This Master Plan needs to be developed from mid-2017 to mid-2018 and should be headed by a Green Hydrogen Ambassador in tandem with strong program coordination. The main elements of this master plan are as follows (in order);


A plan with business cases for the realization of initial projects: the creation of large-scale production facilities, hydrogen transport infrastructure and the development of industrial offtake markets for hydrogen feedstock.


The plan and the projects need to be developed in the context of a wider green hydrogen economy. Many aspects, such as a regulatory framework, research, education and training about hydrogen needs to be developed also. In addition, other initiatives, projects and developments should be considered that focus on the transition to a sustainable energy system and a green economy.


A signed covenant by stakeholders from industry, politics, civil society and knowledge centers.